befriend with – to forget and be forgotten..

There is always a balance what we’ve done to others and we got back!.

Yeah, nowadays, I consider. What actually true the words is. Kick someone, and we will be kicked too. Not by the same one, but may be another person. Hit the dog, we will be nibbled.

Karma, that’s the term to express it.

Do I believe in karma? Yapp. Why? Abstract answer: to me, karma become an effective way as a mechanism of balancing something. Including, in comparison, our world (real) and the out there world (unreal or even hiper-real)

Man is a universe in himself. Either the earth. Both are always trying to find its balance condition. Stupid argument: love and hate, aren’t they just be separated by invisible curtain? Benci, is it a slang of benar-benar cinta? :). Rain forest and dessert, aren’t they actually twin brothers which only birth and rebirth? Allergic, is that not a illness truly, but actually a system of our body to defend itself from something strange and thinked as an enemy? Body reacts, by sweating, or enlarging human’s pore, to stabilize our body.

Then, in our daily life, when today we forget we will be forgotten someday. Have you ever feel that you’re abandoned by your friend in a sudden? We may ask, why? And may no sufficient answer to explain it. The relationship is always well before. Nothing happen between. Everything’s fine at all. But, the friend go and leave us in confusion. That happen without sounds. But, did we remember that we might had done the same thing with the other friend of us in the past?

I do believe, always easy to have thousand enemies, but so difficult have one real friend. What if the person who abandon us is that real friend? Is that also a karma? Could we accept that?

At last, I know that the perception is the bridge for a relationship. We may perceive and keep in mind that we have a lot of good and wonderful or few friends special. But, trully, after we see in the mirror fact, our thought is in fact perhaps wrong. Remember, only you which remain mindset like that, not your friend. They may think that you are nothing. They may think you’re just an very ordinary people whom they knew at at a glance and intentionally kept your phone number with no interest to call or recall. You are no body for them.

No relationship survive only with one side of communication. Even, if it’s forced, it’s still useless.

But, should the friendship end?


Did the trap of that, stike us because of ourself?



2 thoughts on “befriend with – to forget and be forgotten..

  1. friend says:

    What goes around, comes around
    What goes up, must come down

    (Karma, Alicia Keys)

  2. jasmine says:

    In my opinion, True friend; always be there for the other one..


    Hi Jasmine.
    Right, and if you perhaps ever heard about Jesuit motto: Man for others, you can catch what is friend for!

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